Member Expectations

Attendance and Punctuality

It is expected that members will attend all rehearsals and performances. Members should contact the conductor ahead of time if a circumstance arises that prevents attendance at a rehearsal. Performance rosters will be confirmed weeks ahead of the actual concert date. Following this, members are expected to be at the performance, barring a medical or family emergency.

Ensemble sessions will begin promptly at the announced times. Members should plan to arrive early to set up equipment and complete an individual warm-up. If a circumstance arises that prevents punctuality, members should notify the conductor.

Part Assignments

While the ensemble atmosphere is relaxed, it is important that parts are distributed in ways that promote our musical success. Most often this is worked out within each section, where members mutually agree how to cover the necessary parts. That being said, the conductor reserves the right to adjust part assignments when appropriate. It is anticipated that such requests will be embraced with respect, humility, and a cooperative spirit.

Music Distribution

Each member will receive his/her own music folder at the beginning of each concert cycle. While the Rockford Community Band has its own library, most of our pieces are offered to us on loan from the Calvin College Bands library. Due to strict copyright guidelines, original parts will be distributed. A check-out policy has been established to ensure that music folders will be handled with great care and returned completely. Members will be responsible for any lost and/or damaged music. 

Concert Attire

We strive to look professional and uniform in our concert appearances. For formal concerts, attire is as follows:

  • Men: Solid black, long-sleeved dress shirt, black dress slacks, black socks, and  black dress shoes
  • Women: Solid black top with long or 3/4-length sleeves (with conservative neckline), black dress or skirt (at least mid-calf length) or full slacks, black stockings, and black closed-toe dress shoes

Other performance venues will most likely call for more casual attire. A secondary uniform of black polo shirts with khakis will be used in those instances. The conductor will communicate expectations regarding concert attire well in advance.